Catherine Programme

The Catherine Programme was established in 2007 by the European Training Leaders of The Salvation Army to equip and resource officers (in training), soldiers and employees for leadership within The Salvation Army.

Yearly it organises the Catherine Programme Summer School. The aim is to teach, within an international Salvation Army setting, Salvation Army history, doctrine, theology, social work and culture to present and future leaders.

The Catherine Programme is named after ‘the Army mother’ Catherine Booth who emphasised the importance of studying.

Participants are selected by the Leadership and / or the Training Leaders of each territory, command or region within Europe

Who can attend?

  • candidates and cadets;
  • people in short-term full time ministry, such as Envoys and Auxiliary Captains;
  • employees who are in a leadership role within The Salvation Army or preparing to take up such a role and;
  • officers who wish to refresh their knowledge of the subjects offered.

Basic and advanced

The Summer School includes a Basic Course and an Advanced Course. Only participants who have previously attended the Basic Course can participate in the Advanced Course. If you want more information about the possibility to take part in a Summer School, please contact the Training Leader in your territory, command or region. Usually he or she can be reached trough the national headquarters or at the training school.

The Summer School takes place in The Salvation Army 50|50 hotel en congress centre Belmont in The Netherlands.

Through this site the Summer School participants, translators and lecturers of this year can reach CP-Online, on which they will find more information and study materials. The Catherine Programme is run by the Catherine Programme Committee. It can be reached trough