The Living room

The Meeting Point is a meeting place for sex workers in Amsterdam. You can walk into our living room for a good conversation or to relax. In addition, you can reach out to us for any questions regarding work, income, health, safety or if you would like to return to your home country.

What can we do for you?

The Meeting Point living room is open from 5pm to 9pm from Tuesday through Sunday. You may use our shower, kitchen and computer with WIFI. Additionally, you can also buy products that you need for your work, such as condoms, at purchase price. We also have a small clothing store with vintage clothing. In our living room, we offer free courses throughout the year, such as Dutch lessons, self-defence classes and computer lessons. Every last Wednesday of the month, a High Tea is organised. We would like to meet you there!

As Meeting Point we find it important that you feel welcome in our home environment. You can contact us with all your questions! Our staff will try to help you as best they can, or will refer you to other care providers or organisations that can help you further.

"Whether I have a question regarding my working conditions, a better living space or the upbringing of my daughter, I know that I will always be helped further at Meeting Point."


When working in prostitution, it is important to consider your physical and psychological health. Would you like to know what the Meeting Point can do for you? Or do you have any questions regarding financial matters, such as taxes or the rights and obligations of a freelancer? Walk into our living room or contact us via the contact form. We are happy to give you advice and think along with you!

Are you working in prostitution against your will and cannot find a way out? We can help you to get out of this situation in a safe way and work on a different future.