Mission Statement

Inspired by the gospel we assist our partners in development and disaster management programmes around the world to actualize the potential of people to live a life in dignity

Inspired by the gospel
The bible and its principles are the fundament from which we work. The gospel defines our identity as an organization.

We assist our partners
We consider not only our Salvation Army local organizations working with the communities they serve as partners, but also the IHQ and supporting offices we work with. We seek to empower each other: mutual strengthening is needed in order for us to be most effective and efficient in being of service to the communities. Our partnerships are based on equity and mutual enforcement; together we can contribute to actualizing the potential of the communities in which our partners work.

Development and disaster management
Via our partners we provide basic services such as food and shelter in case of disasters such as natural disasters, disease outbreaks and conflicts. We also support development programs, by means of funding, technical support and capacity building. We aim to link these two linking relief, rehabilitation and development (LRRD).

Actualizing the potential
The people we reach out to are vulnerable groups, such as women, children, people in emergency situations and people who live in poverty. What they have in common is that they can’t realize the potential to live a life in dignity without outside support. The communities our partners work in are considered actors, not recipients of aid.

A life in dignity
A life in dignity for us means a life in all its fullness, where basic needs such as clothing, a roof, safety, freedom, education, health, and work are met and people become increasingly self-sustainable.