The story of Captain Andre Togo, officer in Mali

The Christian Canadian TV show ‘100 Huntley Street’ broadcasted an unique interview with Andre Togo, captain of The Salvation Army in Mali. Watch the videos to hear his story.

Refugee response in Germany and Norway
The Salvation Army's UK Territory video production team travelled to Germany and Norway to find out how the international church and charity is caring for refugees arriving from war-torn countries. From provision of emergency food and hot drinks in Berlin to a rapidly-opened temporary accommodation centre in Oslo, this extended feature reveals some of the struggles faced by traumatised refugees. But it's also widening our view, says Divisional Commander Major Poldi Walz: 'It’s not only housing them – they give something back to. It enriches us. We are no longer strangers. They become a part of our family.' Watch video.

Refugee response in Itraly and Greece
The Salvation Army has been responding to the Europe-wide refugee crisis since it escalated in 2015. Major David Cavanagh, the church and charity's General Secretary in Italy & Greece outlines some of the challenges affecting refugees in the region and The Salvation Army's response. Watch video.