Supporting Refugees in Congo Brazzaville

The social and political situation in Congo Brazzaville caused a massive displacement of populations who fled to neighbouring countries for safety. In an effort to alleviate their suffering, the local Salvation Army, supplemented the diet of about a hundred families, bettered their health and encouraged the children to go to school.

In Congo Brazzaville there are about 13.000 refugees, more than half of them are children and about 80% of them located are in the district of Bétou in the north of the country. The increase of the number of refugees made it difficult to meet all their basic needs. The situation on the border with the Central African Republic, especially in the district of Bétou, remained very unstable since a number of Central Africans continued to cross the border daily. The local population was largely affected by this population influx when at the same time the host communities are already living in precarious conditions themselves. Immediate consequences were a lack of food, water and school supplies resulting in noticeable inflation. Many refugee parents could not send their children to school.

The Salvation Army supported 1.000 refugees, providing them with food items, such as fish, cooking oil and salt as well as non-food items, such as soap, blankets, clothes and mosquito nets. The Army also provided 300 children with learning materials such as pens, pencils, books and schoolbags.

Coordination with other agencies
The Salvation Army coordinated closely with other agencies active in the area. The UNHCR provided kits comprised of soap, mats, blankets, foam mattresses and buckets that were given to each family on their arrival. UNICEF was responsible for the psych-social support for refugee children. The Congolese Red Cross looked after the wounded refugees.

Project details

Implementation: The Salvation Army Congo Brazzaville
Location: Bétou and Ikpéngbélé
Theme: disaster management
Target group: 1.000 refugees
Total project costs: US$ 62.102
Funded by: The Salvation Army Netherlands
Duration: 3 months
Status: completed