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The Salvation Army The Netherlands International Development Services published diverse documents.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Policy (April 2019)

Simplified Log Frame - MEL Policy TSA NLA 2019

Sample Terms of Reference (TOR) for an evaluation - MEL Policy TSA NLA 2019

The following documents supporting the MEL Policy TSA NLA 2019 can be found on The Hive (Internal Salvation Army Database)

  1. IES Project Proposal
  2. IES Rapid Response Project Proposal
  3. (Comprehensive) Log frame 
  4. List of indicators for Disaster Risk Reduction, Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation/Rebuilding
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation Framework 
  6. Learning Clients-Beneficiary’s Satisfaction with the Project 
  7. Concept Note Checklist Global 
  8. Learning Clients/Beneficiary's Satisfaction with the Project
  9. Project Proposal checklist 
  10. Project Visit Report Template
  11. Project Review and Evaluation Report Template
  12. Quarterly Progress report 
  13. Sustainable Development Goals