Health Insurances in Rwanda

Many people in Rwanda are too poor to afford a visit to the doctor so they put it off as long as possible. The delay will often lead the disease to spread and progress. Therefore, The Salvation Army has started a four year project supporting 3.200 people by setting up a collective 'fund' to cover healthcare costs.

Preventable deaths
More than half of the people in Rwanda die from diseases that are preventable. Basic health care is very important in the prevention of such diseases. When sick people visit a doctor in time, they stay healthier, which results in them being able to work more days which in turn results in more income. Furthermore, preventative healthcare results in less expenditure on health which makes more money available for other needs such as education and income generation.

Health insurance fund
The Salvation Army strives to improve primary healthcare in Rwanda through a 4-year project supporting 3.200 people from 14 villages. The Salvation Army will set up a collective 'fund' to cover healthcare costs. Every week each villager contributes a small payment to the fund. Many are not used to putting money aside for future purposes or for a problem that does not exist yet. Through the fund the villagers learn to understand the insurance system. At the beginning of the project, The Salvation Army pays the largest part of the insurance fees, the villagers contributed one dollar to the five dollar fee. Each year, the villagers contribute more towards their monthly fees, so at the end of the four year period, the villagers should pay for basic healthcare themselves.

Project details

Implementation: The Salvation Army Rwanda
Location: 14 towns in Rwanda
Theme: health
Target group: 3.200 community members
Total project costs: US$ 80.779
Funded by: The Salvation Army Netherlands
Duration: 4 years
Status: active