Raising and accounting for funds is the most important task of our department. Annually, we spent about 2,5 million euro.

How we finance our work
The international work of The Salvation Army Netherlands Territory is financed from two types of sources: internal and external. Internal sources consist of funds made available to the International Development Services (IDS) by Salvation Army corps (churches) and the Fundraising Department. External sources are funds applied for from public bodies and private foundations. 

How we spend our funds
We spend 24% of our budget on administrative and fundraising costs and 76% on project costs, including 12% on mission, 40% on emergency relief and 48% on development.

How we account for our expenditures
The Salvation Army Fundraising Foundation (Stichting Leger des Heils Fondswerving) is accredited by the Central Bureau for Fundraising, the leading independent accreditation agency for fundraising charities in the Netherlands and a member of the International Committee on Fundraising Organizations. The financial statements of The Salvation Army Netherlands Territory are audited annually by PricewaterhouseCoopers Accountants and every three years by The Salvation Army International Headquarters audit team.