The Salvation Army has a track-record of donor-compliant implementation of projects funded by various private and institutional donors.

Previous and current donors
Internationally, The Salvation Army has implemented projects funded by the Australia Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, DFID, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SIDA, USAID, and various private donors and private or corporate foundations.

Geographical zones and locations    
The Salvation Army has a local and operational presence in 131 countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Projects are implemented in both urban areas and rural or remote areas. Based on past and current opportunities, the International Development Services (IDS) supports projects in a selected number of countries, but we are able to establish working relations with local offices in most countries where The Salvation Army has a presence. If you are interested in supporting a project in a particular country, please contact us to discuss available opportunities.  

The Salvation Army implements both short-term relief projects of less than three months and multi-annual development projects of up to five years.
The Salvation Army has abilities to perform activities and achieve outcomes in the following areas:

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Funding arrangements     
For most projects, The Salvation Army can provide match funds for up to 50%, if required. Total budgets generally range between US$ 5.000 and 1 million. 

Registration and accountability
The Salvation Army in the Netherlands is registered as a tax-exempt non-profit organization in the Netherlands and audited annually by PWC. In most countries, the local Salvation Army is registered with the national government. Local offices are audited by the International Headquaters at least once every three year. 
The Salvation Army has an internal project management system that includes a concept note, full proposal, budget plan, progress reports and final report.