Disaster Management

We support The Salvation Army worldwide in working with local communities to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.

The Salvation Army works in 130 countries. As a result, we are often already active in a country before a disaster happens, which ensures that we can act quickly following a disaster, and remain involved in the reconstruction phase.


  • Disaster risk-reduction. Training community members in early warnings, reinforcing existing protective structures, and providing evacuation and rescue materials and skills.
  • Emotional and spiritual care. Speaking hope, praying with and listening to the stories of people directly affected by the disaster as well as to first responders and relief workers. Providing trauma care to affected peoples.
  • Distribution. Distributing food packages, food stuffs, medical and first aid supplies, hygiene kits, shoes, clothes, and other relief items needed by (isolated) communities who have been struck by disaster.
  • Warehousing. Providing warehouse facilities for Salvation Army and other NGO projects.
  • Reconstruction. Building back better houses, schools, water systems, and other basic infrastructure.
  • Rehabilitation. Supporting community members in finding alternative livelihoods.

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