Anti-Human Trafficking Ministry in Eastern Europe

Human trafficking is a major problem in Eastern Europe. In order to fight this phenomenon, The Salvation Army established the Anti Human Trafficking (AHT) network and employed an AHT Liaison Officer. Through this project, the officer will be able to stay for two more years and help raise awareness about human trafficking.

Human Trafficking in Eastern Europe

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people from Eastern European countries are traded and sold for the purposes of various forms of exploitation. Especially in countries such as Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Georgia, the problem of human trafficking is worsened by the instability of civil societies and the prevalence of corruption. This creates an environment where criminal activities and organized crime can easily occur. Especially young women and children become easy victims of traffickers.  

AHT Liaison Officer

In order to fight human trafficking, The Salvation Army established the Anti Human Trafficking (AHT) network. National AHT Task Forces have been set up and across Europe, AHT national contact persons have been appointed. In 2016, the Eastern Europe Territory employed its first AHT Liaison Officer. In 2018 it was decided that the officer, based in Moldova, would stay on two more years. The officer is responsible for including the AHT subject in the training of cadets, organizing seminars in prisons, strengthening the AHT network with local organizations and taking part in governmental AHT meetings with different stakeholders. In addition, once a year, the Liaison Officer provides a three-day training for all officers within the territory to raise awareness about human trafficking. 

Implementation: The Salvation Army Eastern Europe Territory
Project area: Moldova
Theme: capacity building
Target group: 63 Salvation Army staff
Total project cost: US$ 53.763
Funded by: The Salvation Army The Netherlands, Czech Republic & Slovakia
Duration: 2 years
Status: Active

Country: Moldova