CD - Premier Brass 2014

Released: 2014
Kapelmeester: Olaf J.Ritman
Met Brass Band Schoonhoven
Gastsolist: Stephen Mead (Euphonium)


  1. South Shields Celebration (Martin Cordner)
  2. The Water of Tyne (Philip Harper)
  3. Lloyd Webber Variations (Peter Graham)*
  4. African Symphony (Joop van Dijk)
  5. Credo (Lorne Barry)
  6. Lux Aurumque (Eric Withacre, arr. Andrew Poirier)
  7. Timpiece (Norman Bearcroft)**
  8. Euphonium Intermezzo (Steven & Misa Mead)
  9. Letter from home (Philip Sparke)
  10. Motivation (William Himes)
  11. Variations on a Celestial Theme (Kenneth Downie)
  12. O Waley Waley (arr. Stephen Roberts)*
  13. Madiba (Andy Scott )
  14. The flight of the bumble bee (Mark Freeh)*

* Solist: Steven Mead (Euphonium)

** Solisten: Steven Mead en Simon Smedinga (Euphonium)