CD - Premier Brass 2013

Released: 2013
Kapelmeester: Olaf J.Ritman
Met Brass Band Pro Rege
Gastsolist: Roger Webster (Cornet)


  1. Call of the gospel (Martin Cordner)
  2. Lord, with my all I part (Brian Bowen)
  3. Silver threads among the gold (Boddington)*
  4. Domen (Magne Forde)*
  5. Fusion (Martin Cordner)
  6. Prelude from 'Holberg Suite' (arr. Lorriman)
  7. A Repton Fantasy (Philip Sparke)*
  8. Coventry Variations (Bramwell Tovey)
  9. David of the white rock (Willcocks)*
  10. Knight Templar (Allan)
  11. Olympic fanfare and theme (John Williams, arr. Peter Graham)
  12. Double Cornet Duet: Quicksilver (Peter Graham) - Roger Webster, Frank de Boer, Steef Klepke, Olaf Ritman
  13. Symphony of Thanksgiving (Dean Goffin)

* Solist: Roger Webster (Cornet)